Imagine a day where there is perfect harmony and sync between you and your children. A day when your child does not  throw any  tantrums. A day which seems like a cakewalk and there is absolute peace  and then suddenly your toddler screams. Ahh your dream has ended!😓

Off course like a normal person you feel like yelling back at them.However, you have to contain your anger.

We all go through this as mothers. We all do face toddler tantrums at one point or another.

Let me share my experiences: 


Experience 1:


The other day my elder one was playing with blocks and we were about to start with our dinner. I had to ask her to wind up and come and eat with us.  And there she was standing and yelling at the top of her voice “Mama I want to play I don’t want to eat”.


Now my task one was to calm her down
Task two was to make her wind up her activity
Task three was to make her eat dinner

What I followed her was my mantra of  Respond and not React !!!

To tackle tantrums like these I tried a couple of things which really helped me at times

When you become a mother, there is not formal training provided, you have to learn by our own experiences and go through the time experiencing of trails and errors .

During this period I found a powerful trick, and this has really helped me out.

Whenever I am face a situation where my toddler is throwing a tantrum with regards to transitioning from one thing to the other I count from 1 to 10.

This counting is not to scare the child saying if the child does not listen they have to bear the consequences. But this counting is to give them time to prepare to transition from one thing to the other.

This way my task number one and two both were taken care. So when I give her time, my child knows when mama starts counting what is to be expected


Experience 2: 


My big girl hates going to the bathroom in the morning. Taking her to the bathroom used to be a task for me. Both of us were having a tough time.

Once I sat down thinking the whole day what is so not good about the bathroom visit? Obviously ,I did not come up with immediate solution but I tried a few things before I had a breakthrough idea which has been a blockbuster success for me.

I asked her if she would want to go to the bathroom with someone else besides me and she accepted the offer immediately

So her dad took up this responsibility willingly and this has now become part of our routine. The first bathroom visit of the day is with Daddy dear😊

I am sure you all must be wondering the reason of this “Bathroom drama”? It was because whenever dad used to take her to the bathroom he would let her play with water. And I never did that as I use to rush her through the bathroom chore which she totally disliked.



My Learning through my experiences :


What made me realize was Children are aware but they cannot always communicate what they really want.

Our little ones are not giving us a tough time in fact they are the ones who are having one.

The key is consistency in our approach, in every little thing we are trying to achieve with our children

We need to be little more observant, pick up the nonverbal cues, partner with them, be kind to them and make the journey of growing up a memorable one!!


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10 thoughts on “Tantrums”

  1. As mother’s we need to understand our little one , very truely said . The best way of controlling anger is counting very amazing tip. Thank you Jumpstart !!

  2. Such a beautiful blog. I agree to the Mantra mentioned of respond & not react. Thankyou for sharing your experience and learnings.

  3. Tantrums are a normal part of child development. They’re how young children show that they’re upset or frustrated. Wondergul blog with helpful tips on how to handle such situations calmly.

  4. Very helpful blog and such great tips shared. Every parent goes tbrough this. Thank u for sharing. This is highly appreciated.

  5. Tantrums are very common in children. This is because children’s social and emotional skills are only just starting to develop at this age. Tantrums are one of the ways that young children express and manage feelings.
    Very beautiful and helpful blog.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Very interesting blog 👍 thank you for sharing the Mantra, and the technique of handling tantrum and making parenting much easier.

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