Sharing a Hobby with Your Child

Every parent wishes to bond with their child and identify common interests. It is essential to create those fond memories in their childhood, as parents can help them guide in any rifts they will have in their teenage years. And what can be best than sharing a hobby with your child…😊

Spending time with your children, make them feel comfortable, they communicate, and they learn through play. When you and your child share the same hobby and play together, you establish a certain level of trust. While doing so, you are showing your child that you can understand and listen to them. They will involuntarily  feel more trusted and inclined in sharing things with you, either through play or outside of it, as they will get the feeling that you are “with them”.

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Sharing is the best way towards caring

The best interest and hobby examples have proven to have a tremendously positive influence over your child’s self-esteem. There is that special magic that will happen when a child and a parent are both living in the same hobby town and enjoy sharing the same activities.

A few things will be as useful and validating to your children when they see their parent’s honesty, fun, and notice that their parents enjoy spending time with them. Sharing a hobby will also help you build a strong foundation for their confidence level. It will also show them that others enjoy their company and are worthy of affection and attention.

Another essential benefit that you will get is that, it will help you teach your child that it is perfectly fine to learn something new. You don’t need to be a perfect from the start. It shows them that, it is okay to make mistakes when learning something new and that it’s a part of the process. It teaches them that it is reasonable to fail as long as they learn something from it and improve.

Sharing a hobby is finding common ground between you and your children. You must try and explore different activities, hobbies, with your children right from the small age. That way, they can see what activity they enjoy the most. Moreover, having multiple interests will give them a broader experience. It will also help you build bridges for your child’s future. And by this, children will have their own life experiences.


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Written by:
Ms. Heena Razzak

10 thoughts on “Sharing a Hobby with Your Child”

  1. Nicely written article on hobbies it explains very well how Each parent should build that unique bond with their children.

  2. Very nicely written blog. Hobbies do create a unique common bond between children and parents and teachers as well. Creating a common interest really helps in other activities and aspects too.

  3. Hobbies do create a bond between parents and children .it even helps teachers to know what is the child more interested in , the blog really helpful to parents and children as well as teachers .

  4. It is always said that parents see themselves into their child. And to create a strong bond sharing is the best way. Sharing hobbies leads to the next level of attachment. This helps to understand children very well. Informative blog 👍🏻

  5. Yes a bond between a child and parents is so precious and unique. While being able to share your hobbies is a bliss to the child and the most easy way to show utmost care and connection. Sharing same activity gives happiness to both and what else you need ?!. A very nice and informative blog. Thankyou Jumpstart.

  6. Beautifully written blog. There is nothing more validating to a child to see their parent enjoying themselves while spending time with them. We must have some common fun activities to do with our little ones.

  7. Very well articulated blog. Hobbies with children can have a very positive imoact on our child. It sends the message to the child that their parents are having fun, and are true, honest and real with them!

    1. Very helpful and excellent way to have this special opportunity of sharing something in common to cultivate a unique bond between parents and child. Great blog.

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