Role of Grandparents in a child’s life!!!


The role of grandparents in children’s life is very special. The values of tradition, family, culture that they can share with children from their experiences can match no other source of wisdom in this planet.

Grandparents are an emotional support for children and young people: love, affection and satisfaction united in the same person. They are the elders who offer unconditional love, without the obligations of educating as parents and therefore are a bridge between parents and children.Grandparents

In our culture we have joint families, thus it is likely to stay with the in-laws. In such a scenarios usually the thoughts between you and your in laws clash in the upbringing of the child. This happens because they have their own set of ideologies which they want you to follow however you have your own method of parenting which comes in the way.

Such scenarios are very common and thus they need to be handled with immense sensitivity.

For this generation of children, the needs, motivation, demands are very different from what they were in our generation and therefore the same principles of parenting used decades ago might not really work

Thus as a parent, whenever you find yourself in such a situation you need to follow the below things for sure:

a. First and foremost put across your point in a subtle way

b. Be confident about your approach

c. Do not hurt their feelings

d. You are the one who needs to “Call the Shots”

Because if the child understands that the grandparents are there to support them, then the child will begin to manipulate them to their advantage.

However ,at the same time it is equally important for your children to spend time with their grandparents and create a loving bond. Let the grandparents show affection in their own way. Your children will cherish this time for ever.

I will quote an incident from my life :

I wasn’t fortunate to see all my grandparents. However, I just have some memories of my maternal grandfather.

Whenever my family visited him during summer vacations he ensured he got raw mangoes for me everyday and I used to relish that a lot. Even today the smell of those raw mangoes reconnects my soul to my childhood.

Also,his actions have ingrained some of the essential values in me which has played a role in shaping my personality.

We shouldn’t expect our parents to look after our children As, they have  already done their job in raising us. Rather its our turn now.

As parents we should look for every opportunity where our children get to spend quality time with grandparents.Grandparents

The positive influence that grandparents can have on their grandchildren’s development is profound. By offering love and guidance, imparting wisdom, passing on traditions, and making memories, grandparents can leave behind a legacy that their grandchildren will value for the rest of their lives.


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Zainab Dhariwala

11 thoughts on “Role of Grandparents in a child’s life!!!”

  1. Beautifully written blog. The positive influence that grandparents can have on their grandchildren’s development is profound. Grandparents can leave behind a legacy that their grandchildren will value for the rest of their lives.

    1. Beautiful blog. Very well stated that Grandparents are the one who nurture the child with values. Their affection and love is priceless. They are very inspiring role model for the young ones.

  2. Beautifully written blog. Truly said “Grandparents can leave behind a legacy that their grandchildren will value for the rest of their lives.”
    Thank you for sharing this amazing blog.

  3. Our first teachers are grandparents.. Without them we are Incomplete..
    Children will follow the legacy of their role models

  4. Beautiful blog and wonderful topic. Grandparents are truly a wonderful part of child’s life and wonderful things can happen if this bond can develop beautifully

  5. Grandparents are surely the one of the unconditional lovers of their grand children.Thank you Zainab for bringing up the ways to deal with one of the uncomfortable situation 😉 where no one is hurt. And things are kept clear

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