Quarantine is a blessing in disguise


Our dynamic goodness partner, truly believes that Quarantine is a blessing in disguise!!
In our hectic life, we don’t often get time to spend with our little ones. This is the best time to make beautiful memories with them.

Here is the list of activities to engage your little one and celebrate quarantine together:

A. Family bond and values:

Jumpstart_Food habits, Values, Quarantine timea. Eat together to make your child value family bonds and to teach them table manners

b. Pray together to make them understand our values and culture

c. Connect with their cousins through a video call, this will make create a strong bond with the extended family

d. Take your little one through your precious memories like talking to them and show them your photos or videos


B. Play and learn:

Jumpstart_Quarantine, Play and learn, Reading timea.  You can ask children to help you in your daily chore-like, putting things back in their place, setting up the dining table, doing laundry and dishes, cleaning their cupboard or shelves, it will reinstate responsibility

b.  let your children explore the creative side within them by drawing, coloring, painting, making cards for their friends and family, or with some beautiful craft activities

c.  Let the little ones be messy with some homemade dough, slime or moon sand

d. Read books to them, let them image the beauty of the world through it. Set up a cozy corner at home and fill in different books for them to read

e. Introduce them to flameless cooking experience like preparing bhel, dressing a salad and making smoothies, etc

f. Engage them with gardening activities which will connect them to nature


C. Quality time:

Jumpstart_Quarantine, Indoorplay, Playtimea. Start exercising with your children, it is super fun and not at all tiring

b. Make the bath time more fun by adding fun elements like bubbles, bath toys, and water balloons or let them wash their toys and ride on it

c. Dance and sing with your children and match their tune and energy

d. Enjoy with your child by playing board games and indoor games like carom, chess.

e. Get neuralgic by celebrating your childhood with them by playing role plays. It could be a favorite character from a book or it could be from our childhood memories like (Teacher-teacher, Doc-doc, etc)

f. Cuddle your precious bundle of joy and treasure all the memories for the rest of your lives

Written by:
Neha Tathed

10 thoughts on “Quarantine is a blessing in disguise”

  1. Every crisis has an opportunity inherent in it. So does the compulsory quarantine. This blog best explains how we can make most out of this quarantine with our kids and make this time memorable for years to come. Let the bonding with our kids continue even after the lockdown is over.

  2. Quarantine is indeed a blessing in disguise and this blog is the perfect special guide to get through it peacefully happily which will result in many happy and positive memories, days and bonds

  3. Qurantine is indeed a blessing in disguise as parents who are unable to give time to their children can make the most of it by spending this with many activities , learning and fun time which cannot be done in routine time . It is indeed a blessing for both parents as well as children . lovely blog as in to how children can be engaging with all the fun

  4. Lovely blog. Yes Quarantine is blessing in disguise. Children are always ready for changes the one who worry are parents, but making the most of this time by spending hours together, enjoining every little activity can help to get rid of the worries. Well written and explained.👍🏻Stay home, stay safe, stay happy and make the most of this situation.

  5. Taking the situation into consideration and always complaining I don’t have time for the things..Quarantine has really turned to be a blessing for all. A very nice blog stating about bond and learning in such a crisis. Thank you jumpstart for an amazing blog to which all can relate themselves right now.

  6. True , quarantine is a indeed blessing in disguise. We can enjoy with our kids . Very nice blog.

  7. Yes quarantine is indeed blessing in disguise.as we always complain for getting time for the family so this is the time we can spend some quality time with them and even persue something new as a hobby or to upgrade ourselves.

  8. Like every cloud has a silver lining, this quarantine also made us realize how much valuable spending quality time with family really is. Lovely blog!

  9. Every sweet has its sour. Similarly quarantine taught us much needed valuable lesssons of life. Great tips shared. Beautifully written blog.

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