Perfection is a Myth

Human spend their entire life looking for perfection in everything they do…But, Hey guess what!!!!

Nothing is perfect in life.

Although, in this competitive world we are all striving to prove ourselves towards perfection in all the roles we play. This is because we feel insecure. We think if we don’t perform perfectly the opportunity will be grabbed by someone else.

And, when we realize that we are not perfect, we start blaming ourselves and take all the possible efforts to prove ourselves perfect. This leads to stress, anxiety, irritability, depression and unknowingly we start spoiling everything. Unfortunately, in this process what we do not realize is how much we harm ourselves and the people around us. We also tend to miss so many precious moments of our lives which cannot be lived again.

The real question is: Is it really necessary to be perfect every time and in everything in life???


Absolutely Not!!

It is completely fine to be the way we all our

We often feel looking at others and think that the person is so perfect and does all the jobs so efficiently. We start comparing our lives with others and get depressed about it. What we must realize is that we all are different and each one of us is blessed with a unique set of talent and intellect.

Also, the fact is, we all are human beings and we are allowed to fall, to make mistakes and not able to do a particular thing in a certain way. And that doesn’t make us bad or imperfect human beings.

We as humans must understand that we need not run behind perfection, but we need to work hard on becoming a better version of ourselves. As long as we are real, we accept our flaws, and we take steps to improve ourselves, life becomes limitless.

             No one is perfect…. That’s why pencils have erasers!!


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Written by:
Saloni Shirke

13 thoughts on “Perfection is a Myth”

  1. This is so true. The extent to which we affect ourselves In the process of trying to be perfect is sometimes dangerous for us. We are unique I’m our own way and the reality is stated correctly in this blog . Very well written.

  2. A very nice and an encouraging blog. Perfection being a Myth we get chance to work on our flaws and shine. Thank you Jumpstart for this Blog.

    1. A very nice and an encouraging blog. Perfection being a Myth we get chance to work on our flaws and shine

  3. Very well written…. no one is perfect. Everybody learns from their mistakes. Very informative blog.

  4. Well written blog.yes nobody is perfect but we should work our best to get perfection in positive way.

  5. Very well written blog no one is perfect. But we can learn from previous mistakes and try to make those same again

  6. Very well said “Nothing is perfect in life”. We can always learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing

  7. We should pursue perfection but at the same time should not be too hard on ourselves. Wonderful read.

  8. Well stated.No one is perfect. So we should always strive to be better and better every single day by taking learning from our mistakes.

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