Parenting Twins!!

Parenting Twins

Parenting twins is rewarding as well as challenging. You have lot of fun and simultaneously some level of stress too because, you have to raise two children at the same time. Well, you need to take some additional resources and assistance in order to help your twins grow in a positive and healthy environment.

“Having twins is not twice as hard—it’s exponentially more difficult.”

  • Yes, You’ll Have to Buy Two of Everything

This part is very real. While parents of singles can buy one crib and then save it for their next if they plan to having a second, parents of twins have to buy two of everything because they’ll need it at the same exact time. However, this isn’t all bad. When your children grow up, it’ll actually come in handy.Parenting Twins

  • Twins Will Be in Sync With Each Other

While the only thing in common between fraternal twins is their birthday, you should expect all twins to have an intense bond as children. In fact, you should be prepared for them to be “emotionally in sync,” which means that when one cries, the other probably will, too. But it works the same way when they’re happy or tired as well. “You’ll see the other pick up on the same behavior,”. “It’s the wonder of twins.”

  • Expect Them to Acknowledge Each Other’s Shortcomings

Since they only know life with someone else, “they have this uncanny sense of empathy you could never teach a human,”

While there are some twins that have their own language with each other—called “twin speak”—most twins don’t. But since children develop at different rates and different pace, one twin might start speaking first. In that case, it’s likely that one twin will be able to translate the other’s needs before they can speak properly. Is one shorter? The taller one will always be there to get things out of reach for the other.

  • Yes, You Can Tell Them Which One Is Older

While many parents of twins wait to tell them, who is older in order to prevent competition between them, it’s said that it really doesn’t really matter if your twins know which one came out a minute or two earlier. In fact, twins find it “supremely comical”.

Parenting Twins

  • Expect Them To Gang Up On You

“They totally gang up all the time,” They could also gang up on their teachers and their fellow students—they’re their own little pack.” While this may present some tricky disciplinary situations when they’re older, expect twins to always put each other first before their other family members and friends.

“If the boat was sinking, they’d save each other before anyone else” “They are each other’s constants. No one could have a relationship that strong.”

  • Schedule One-On-One Time with Each Twin

It’s important for any child with siblings to feel special and important, and parents of twins might have to work a little bit harder to make their children feel like individuals. If you only spend time with your twins together, you might not find out what their own special strengths are. Does one excel at painting? Does one love trains? I recommend finding out each of your children’s strengths. Treat them as individuals, Give one on one attention as far as possible. Children prefer having complete attention of their parents and in the case of twins it becomes difficult for the parents. However, if you take care, you will find some time to spend with both of your children.  “It’s important to get to know your children on their own.”

  • Do not CompareAs a parent of twins you should always remember that both are your children with different capabilities and weaknesses. Hence, do not compare one with the other. They both are different personalities with different strengths, needs and weak points. Appreciate and acknowledge the same.
  • Your Work-Life Balance Will Change

You will change your schedules after giving birth to twins. You could even have to spend a lot of time working from home office.

It takes creativity, because twins do take more time. “But the creative parent who loves her children—and enjoys the career—can always find a way.”

“People should not expect to jump right in. They underestimate what it’s like to go back to work.”

While it is tough to navigate and resume work, having a plan in order before the twins arrive can help.

  • Enjoy Parenting Twins

While dealing with small details of daily chores; do not forget to enjoy the amazing and unique experience of bringing up twins.

The best thing about parenting twins is that you should not always think about them and stay stressed. There are few things that are out of your control and you need to understand that. Besides, you have lots of advantages of having twins that you can cherish.

“Being able to watch two babies develop and grow at the same time, but differently. it’s a unique situation.”


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15 thoughts on “Parenting Twins!!”

  1. Wonderful Blog.It’s a real task to raise twins but the happiness that you get when you see development in both the children is priceless. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful blog.

  2. Caring for one newborn is overwhelming enough, so it can seem downright impossible when you add a second baby to the mix.
    Such wonderful and very helpful tips shared. Thank u Team Jumpstart.

  3. Twin parenting can sure be double challenging but mostly it’ll just be double amazing. Very well written blog

  4. Very well written and I do agree with you since I am also a twins so I know how challenging it is for the parents 😊

  5. Interesting! I truly agree to the point “Do not compare” even if they are twins they are not the same!

  6. I had twins in my class and for me as a teacher it was a little confusing for me to identify them .The blog is very well written and one can easily relate to it and it will be very helpful to those who are facing challenges in raising twins .

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