Money has no memory but experience has!


Life can be a little surprising at times🤨😮. You will experience that humans keep spending, calculating and saving money  all your life .

However, all you will remember is the experience that you have undergone but you will still forget the cost you paid for the experience.

All of us remember the experiences at school but have forgotten the cost we paid for our education .

Education definitely comes at a cost but this cost would be meaningless against the experiences the child will carry for the lifetime.

The child’s first experience at school:

The first interaction with the outside world

Away from the primary caregivers 

First ever activity done

First friend 

The child’s first memory and

many more such moments will be cherished by you and the child.

You would not remember how much you invested but you will always remember the feeling and emotion attached with the experience.

Eventually how good a life you lead will always depend upon how good and varied experiences you undergo in your life time. Our age is defined by the number of years but our maturity by the number of experiences we undergo.It is eventually all about experiences and learning from these experiences.

Don’t ask the child what he did in school but ask your child, “What did you experience in school today?”.

The answer will be introspective, will be unique to every child and will be remembered as money has no memory but experience has!


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Written by:
Sneha Tapadia

18 thoughts on “Money has no memory but experience has!”

  1. Lovely thoughts shared By Sneha Ma’am and agree we should change our perspectives and suggested ask what child has experienced and not what has done.
    Thankyou for this amazing blog.

  2. Very truly written ma’am “We always remember the experience and forget the cost we paid of our education “. The blog has been frammed very well .Thank you !

  3. Lovely thoughts written by Sneha ma’am ,that’s true that when we remember the experience we do forget the cost we paid for that , the thoughts are framed in an excellent way .

    1. Very true
      “Our age is defined by the number of years but our maturity by the number of experiences we undergo”
      This sentence conveys the gist behind this blog..
      Well drafted

  4. Truly said, Experience is our best teacher. Lovely thought for all of us, similarly for children experiencing school is a special moment. These moments will be always close to our hearts and will cherish them forever.

  5. Beautifully explained
    Experiences speak a lot. We always remember the feelings & emotions attached with the experiences instead of how much we invested for that. Totally agree that maturity is defined by experiences we undergo
    Thanks Sneha mam for sharing such a wonderful thoughts

  6. Very well said, we always remember the experience, feelings and emotions that are attracted to our school life . Very nicely written blog.

  7. Very well said ma’am memory is though experience. Whatever we experience we remember our entire life.

  8. Completely agreed to the thought. Experience is much more valuable than money. If the Child experiences the best moments during early growing age it can be cherished for life long. Well drafted blog Ma’am 👍🏻

  9. Beautifully explained, it’s very true that we learn through different experiences and money can’t be compared with experience. Similarly for a child, it’s very important to have different types of experience so that he is aware of things which he needs to do at that point of time & ultimately we & children make beautiful memories through experience

  10. Beautifully articulated blog. Experiences are important as they help in shaping a child’s psychology and personality.

  11. Beautiful blog. Completely agreed. It is the beautiful experiences which will be constant in our life and not the material things. We should always focus on creating and etching memories in tiny minds of our little angels

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