You have to be at the right place at the right time:


One second late; you can miss spotting the leopard ! One second in time,you can see lion marking his  territory.
As parents giving right opportunities to children at right time can help them succeed and do better in life !


Survival of the fittest:Jungle


In the Jungle only the fit and strong survive. So to relish the best always aim towards fitness of body and mind.
As parents help children develop a fitter mind and body to succeed and do better in life


A place for everything ;everything is in its place!:


The jungle is vast and yet everything is so seamless with a designated place for everything !


You are unique and special:


How so ever you are just a small speck in the entirety of the universe
So do not take yourself too seriously
Live every moment enthusiastically!
Teach children to celebrate little victories and cherish their uniqueness



Rare is precious:


Whatever is spotted rare has more face value. So lions, leopards and rhinos when spotted are treat to eyes! Zebras, impalas and wart hogs do not hold much of attraction cause they are available in abundance !

Children are always bound to do things that they get to do less and as adults we need to tell them the importance of that little and help them accept it !


Always be prepared:


Anything can happen anytime in the jungle. Always be alert as you do not know who is watching you!
As parents , always be alert on how you conducting yourself as children are always watching you



Take the untrodden path:


Come out of the comfort zone and travel the path that is least travelled.
Success lies only out of comfort !
Help children do same things in newer ways ! Encourage them to try new things.


Your vibes attracts your tribe:


Sense of belonging will always attracts you to your tribe!
Children earn to belong to a group or community! Let them be a better average


Your competitors are like scavengers:


They can never come up with original ideas; but would always take the left over!
Let them scavenge ; do not stop being original just because they are scavenging!


Greed kills the moment!:


The lions kill or eat only as much as required! Cheetah will eat only the fresh kill but not an old one !
We kill our present with our greed for tomorrow.


Rest and recreation is as important and work:Jungle


A lion rests after a heart full feast!

He celebrates and relishes his kill!

He is then enthused for the next one !


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Written by:
Sneha Tapadia

21 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM JUNGLE”

  1. What an interesting read. Great references shared how everything around us can be a lesson waiting to be learnt.

  2. Very well thought. Each and everything around us, teach us something. These are lifelong lessons. Implementation of these learnings is very important.

    1. We truly agree… Implementation is most important of all. Thank you for reading the blog and sharing your thoughts on it

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