How to Engage children ??

A life full of routine sounds very boring but when we are pushed out of our comfort zones we realize we can’t dance on our own tunes. This pandemic came like a burglar in our lives that stole away our routine, our freedom, our social life ,It also was major change for our children and most importantly it has confined our little explorers at our homes.

In the beginning of the lockdown, I found myself in a total chaos. School had closed down and I had the task of engaging both my children.

Besides engaging my children in activities like painting, reading, listening to rhymes, practicing yoga, jigsaw puzzles, now I have discovered  new ways ,where I could ensure that my children will continuously  learn and  be thoroughly engaged  without me

Here are the two techniques that worked like wonders for me and my children 

Handmade charts:Engage

Preparing handmade charts for children is the best way to make them learn new things easily

When I first tried this out I was experimenting with an idea in my head, little did I know it will become an important tool for learning for my kids.

With the charts on display I make them read whenever I get a chance during the day time

Now This made life easy, no dedicated time needed for this knowledge series and this is a super fun activity  for children


Listening to Podcasts:

Listening to Podcasts is the best way to enhance children’s vocabulary.

There are many small snippets of about 8-9 mins average on some really amazing topics on the internet which feeds their curiosity .


The advantage of Listening to Podcasts :

a. It increases children’s general awareness on a several topics
b. It improves  concentration
c. It helps in children’s vocabulary building

With this you can surely enjoy this phase until its time to move on to a new method of learning, engaging and having loads of fun.

Children love to explore everything possible whether it is outdoors or indoors and it is our responsibility as parents to provide them with a platform to bring out the best in them.


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Zainab Dhariwala

9 thoughts on “How to Engage children ??”

  1. Wonderfully articulated blog. Doing the same things everyday makes our life mundane. It is very important to ensure children engage and learn new things too. Being creative and introducing new ways to kee them involved is a great way. Some very helpful tips shared.

  2. Well structured blog, the tips mentioned are really helpful in engaging childrens. At the same time, it is helping them to learn as well.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. All around organized blog, the tips referenced are extremely useful in connecting with childrens. Simultaneously, it is helping them to learn also.

    Much obliged to you for sharing

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