How can children develop verbal and motor skills through play???


Learning is not limited to schools, books, homework or boring activities. In fact- this is the best phase of children’s life where education can be fun and exciting for both, the parent and the child.
The best way to stimulate your child are with some simple and fun activities through play that can help accelerate the verbal and motor skills really fast.

Here we have load of interesting games that will make a beautiful combination of Fun and Learn!!!!


Building Blocks:

This is one of the most basic games that has evolved over the years but has never faded out. All you need are a set of blocks, preferably in different colours and shapes, leaving the rest up to your child’s imagination. From shape and colour recognition to creativity and mind stimulation, all facets of the child’s development are exposed.


Role play:

Teacher-teacher, doctor-nurse or good witch-bad witch, the options are endless. Role-playing is a great way to boost creativity and imagination.

Obstacle courses:

Obstacle courses are easy to set up and one of the best mind games for children. You can set one up right in your living room. Create simple obstacle courses using household supplies, increase the complexity with creative obstacles for older ones. Obstacle courses help enhance your child’s gross motor, visual perception, motor planning, coordination, problem-solving, critical thinking and language skills.

Tease your brain with puzzles:

puzzles are like Khichdi, all the flavours and nutrients in one pot. This is one game though, you can’t risk missing. Right from hand-eye coordination to logical reasoning, it ticks all the right boxes. The biggest benefit is the confidence boost that comes from completing the puzzle which results in better self-esteem and deters procrastination.


This simple game can be found in activity books and even in some parks. The game play is simple: find the path to the exit. This has numerous benefits for the child such as: It helps in hand-eye coordination as your child needs to trace the path correctly. It improves their problem-solving abilities by forcing them to think out of the box. If one approach fails, they adapt and find other possible routes to get to the other side.

Find that thing:


All you need are some flashcards and objects that match them near the toddler. It is a fun way to introduce your toddler to the surroundings, be it at home, park or school.

Word hunt:

Using alphabet – cards, blocks or magnets, form different words. Then using flashcards, have your child match the flashcard to the words formed. For example, the word cat is formed. You can show your child an image of the flashcard and have them place the card near the right word. This game can boost alphabet recognition, memory as well as word formation




The Hockey pocket:

Technically a song and dance routine, it fulfills all the categories of fun and stimulating game.Dancing is great for learning about body parts and movements. You can also come up with variations of your own moves to keep it interesting to match your child’s skill level.

Simon says:

Touch your feet, turn around, find the colour red, clap your hand, jump, wave your hand…the list can go on and on but your child won’t get tired of playing this game. Best played in a group with the rest as adults or slightly older children, this will help improve listening skills and interpretation skills, leading to better social development

Hide and seek:

It is one of the games played by children all over the world. It helps children improve their analytical skills. For a young developing mind, it helps them distinguish a viable hiding spot from a bad one. This way you can definitely activate thinking in your child let them explore the things with you.


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Written by:
Neha Singh

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  1. Very nice and interesting activities mentioned in the blog. I’m sure these activity surely help in developing the child’s verbal and gross motor skills. Thankyou for such an interesting blog.

  2. Definitely the best way to stimulate your child with some simple and fun activities through play help accelerate the verbal and motor skills really fast.

    The list of games mentioned in the blog are surely fun and learn games for little ones!!!

  3. I totally agree children enjoy and learn from these interesting activities. It will surely help children develop verbal and fine motor skills . Thank you Neha tr and Jumpstart

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  15. Very interesting activities mentioned in the blog. It will surely help children develop verbal & fine motor skills. Thank you Neha 🙂

  16. Very nice activities and information shared in the blog. Useful for fine and verbal development of the children.

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