Building effective relationships with children

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Building an effective relationship with your child is like making a deposit in your child’s piggy bank. In other words it means the process of building of a relationship should be slow and steady and it should be continued for life.

The formation of the connect must start right from their crucial years ,that is when children learn talking.

Building connect_Jumpstart

Children are keen observers ,they listen to what we say and they  imitate us. Hence its important for all the adults around them to build an effective communication and relation with the child and make sure they channelize it in a right way.

In a preschool, the teachers and the caregivers can build a meaningful and a positive relationships with each and every child by understanding each child’s preferences,interests ,background and their culture

In these early years of your children, it is important that parents and teachers bond together as a team to build  strong connect with children, thus it is a two way effort.

For example:

Teachers engaging in strategies to build a positive relationship with children;its like they are making a deposit in the piggy bank. On other hand if the parents nag , criticize children; its like withdrawal from the same piggy bank.

So people who are always around children need to ask themselves whether they have been able to make deposits or withdrawal from child’s relationship piggy bank.

Here are few important tips and tricks that everyone around children can keep in mind while building a positive relationship with a child:

Building connect_Jumpstart

a. Greet every child at the door

b. Listen to child’s ideas , stories and be an appreciative audience

c. Give hugs,high fives and thumbs up for accomplishing the tasks

d. Engage with a child in some play

e. Have conversations over meals


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Written by:
Rakhi Talim

16 thoughts on “Building effective relationships with children”

  1. Building effective relationships with children is the most important aspect right from the first day of school. It is what defines the whole year ahead and more importantly it is what makes the children comfortable thus making them at ease. These tips are very appropriate and will help teachers to a great extent.

  2. To build positive relationships with others, children need to develop ‘social competence’ and the ability to interact with others with care, empathy and respect. Social competence is the foundation that allows children to understand and self-regulate their own emotions and negotiate their interactions with others.
    Rakhi very well written blog. You have given insight to many points which we tend to miss.

  3. Nowadays it has been a task for parents to communicate with children, reason can be too much of work load or any other. But to give time to the child is also important. The blog written is so much informative and effectfull.

  4. This is a great topic and extremely important in this time and age. Its very important that the children trust us teachers and a preschool is their first place outside of home. It should be a place as comforting and nurturing as home so that all round development takes place. If we manage to build the trust then they will allow themselves to be happy and settle down.

  5. Building effective relationships with children is the most important thing which makes a positive environment for a child to learn and grow.Being friendly & understanding a child’s need is very important to make a strong bond.Very well explained in the blog

  6. Children’s relationships shape the way they see the world and affect all areas of their development. Through relationships children learn about their world. You’re also making your child feel safe and secure, and building a strong relationship between you and him.

  7. To be connected to children is a challenging role. This blog explains very well the small tips to be engaged and connected with them.

  8. wonderful blog of effective relationship written by giving a crisp theme of withdrawal and deposit . It is very important to be always connected by positive wives with children.

  9. By having good relationship with your children ,you are making them feel more safe , secure and confident

  10. Building effective relationship with children Wonderful blog writen by Rakhi
    Very well explained with beautiful examples &appropriate tips for the parents

  11. Building effective relationship with children
    Wonderful blog writen by Rakhi
    Very well explained with beautiful examples and appropriate tips for the parents

  12. Very interesting and informative blog. As parents, we always strive to strike a balance between healthy screen time and other activities. Great tips shared in the blog.

  13. The communication between the child with his parents defines the relationship between them. Hence it becomes very important to communicate in the right and positive direction. This will help in the proper development of their relationship.. A very well written article!!!

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