A Magic trick of making Reading time a Fun time!

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Jumpstart believes that reading is one of the most fundamental skills children need to learn right from their childhood, hence here we share our Magic tricks to make reading a fun activity!!

It is true that every student learns and processes information differently.

This means that some children may have a natural love of reading, and some may not.

If your child falls into the second category, don’t fret. As parents, there are many different ways you can motivate your child to read.

First, it’s important to figure out why your child doesn’t like reading.

Some common reasons include:


a. Your child feels like reading is a chore

b. Your child has difficulty in reading

c. Your child thinks reading is boring

d. Your child hasn’t found the right book yet

The good news is that when you know why your child doesn’t like to read, you can address the issue and begin to make reading more enjoyable


Here are some Magic tricks to encourage good reading habits in our little stars by making reading as a fun activity.


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Reading Corner:


Choose a spot at your home which can fit best as a reading corner. A place which is has lots of natural light and is very peaceful so that there is minimum distraction. You can make that spot very attractive by decorating it will colorful mats, comfortable soft pillows, setting some toys and  with a small book shelf.




To start with always choose pictorial books. It gives the vision for objects  and thus, children slowly start recognizing the objects seen in the book.


Books of his/her interest:


Reading something your child enjoys will make reading less of chore and more of fun. Help your child to choose the books of their interest, whether it’s sports, cartoon character or something else.


Reading hours:


Schedule a regular reading time for your child. You can increase the time frame slowly and steadily. Once your child is done reading you can always have an fun interaction session, asking questions about the book, about the story, the character etc.


Make connection between real life and reading:


Always try and connect the stories, objects and characters from the book to their real life scenarios. This is to make them realize that book reading can add on so much to their real life and this will also boost up their imagination skills.


Be their role models.


It is very important that as parents act as their role models. Parents need to invest their time in reading as well. You can read magazines, newspapers and books in front of your child. This makes your child understand that reading is important. Encourage them to join you with their own book, while you are reading.


Start series.


Book series are a great way to keep your child’s interest reading high and eliminates the problem of figuring out what to read next. You could also reading multiple, non-series book written by the same author.


Take a trip to a library.


library is a great resource where your child can find lots of book to read. It will give an exposure to different genres of books . This will let your child choose their own favorite books

Try these magic tricks and see your children falling in love with reading!!!


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Written by:
Prita Agarwal

11 thoughts on “A Magic trick of making Reading time a Fun time!”

  1. This is a wonderful topic and such a well written blog. To like the concept of the reading at a young age is such a good thing and as parents we start getting worried when our kids show a disinterest. But there are ways to make them like it and for some children the interest can come in later as well. Reading opens the windows to our imagination and so even if our children read or don’t read by themselves we must read to children every day.

  2. These tricks sound really interesting and something which will genuinely create interest In children for reading. Reading is a habit which is very necessary to develop in children and these tricks are the perfect guide for parents and teachers who are unsure about how to develop those habits

  3. A wonderful blog and also a informative one. The tricks mentioned are nice and can be easily done for children to make reading fun..
    Thankyou jumpstart for this blog.

  4. It is a very informative blog.Truly the tricks seems to be so helpful to grow interest of child towards reading. Reading is the part of our life hence to build such quality into our child ‘s life right for early age is really important. The trick of making a reading corner is very impressive and the thought behind is so beneficial. Thank you for sharing the idea.

  5. I loved the magic tricks.. Reading corner.. Also. We child is not reading.. We need to read it out… To them

  6. Very informative blog for the parents
    To inculcate reading habit in early age is very important, for that we have to become a role model for our child. We need to invest our time in reading and encourage him to read the book of their own interest.Make the reading more interesting by connecting the characters from the book to our real life & ask them questions to boost up their interest and imagination
    I really like the concept of reading corner which should be naturally light, peaceful. We can make it more attractive where the child is more comfortable and loves to read

  7. Very interesting blog. Reading books to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the written word. Great tips shared to encourage it.

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