6 Qualities of a Good Preschool

6 Qualities of a Good Preschool

When learning begins for the children. Which means, a good preschool with good qualities can play a pivotal role in making these crucial five years enriching

Did you know?

50% of a child’s intelligence develops from 0 to 5 years.

When it comes to choosing a preschool for your child you must consider essential factors which contributes towards your child’s positive upbringing. 

Factors to look for while finalizing your child’s 1st schooling experience:


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 Large Play Area:

This is one of the most important aspects,  as the child must have adequate area to play and indulge in physical activities.
At Jumpstart, the play area is our major focus and we ensure that every branch has ample space. In addition, to a variety of outdoor play activities and sports.

 Child-friendly & comfortable environment:

It is necessary to ensure a good vibe at the facility for the child’s overall development.

After all, young children need special care and attention for the right development of their physical, mental & psychological abilities.

Similarly, at Jumpstart, the whole aura is shaped in the required manner.

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 Teacher-student ratio:

An easily manageable count of children in every class is the primary necessity. This imparts quality education.Therefore, Jumpstart strictly adheres to global preschool education standards.

We maintain a 1:8 educator child ratio. We ensure that the teachers can focus on every child. This helps us to realize the child’s full potential.

 Real-time learning:

Children learn new things only by practicing them individually.
Likewise, at Jumpstart we engage children through activities like role-playing, storytelling. We also have interactive activities, dance, singing, art, games, etc.Most importantly, the core elements of our teaching methodology have been designed to boost the curiosity and creativity in the little ones.

 High safety standards:

Falling and getting hurt is developmental

At Jumpstart, safety of children is above all.

A premise maintains child safe environment

Installation of CCTV for observation and safety purposes

Good infrastructure:

a. A preschool and daycare center should have a calm, engaging and responsive environment. This supports all stages of a child’s development.

b. In all our centers we have strategically developed child-friendly infrastructure. We have spacious and colorful classrooms.

c.Well maintained outdoor and play area, interactive learning environment, child-friendly furniture, etc.

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In addition,to learn more about the importance of good infrastructure, click here.


Jumpstart International Preschool with campuses at Aundh, Baner, Bhosale Nagar, Karve Road, Kalyani Nagar, Nigdi, Nyati County is one of the leading preschools & day-care centers in Pune. To schedule a visit you can email us on mychild@jumpstartpreschool.in or Call/WhatsApp: 8888855320.


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  1. These qualities are stated correctly as there are the things which defines the future of the children for those 4 years. And Jumpstart has all these qualities in the correct manner making it the perfect choice for a preschool

  2. Very informative blog. To mold the child in these early age it is very important to go through the above stated factors while choosing a preschool. Jumpstart thus have all the qualities for ensuring the bright future of children.

  3. These qualities are being quite essential for a good preschool ,for children to be able to enjoy each part of the preschool and be very much comfortable

  4. A very informative blog stating the correct qualities of a pre school. Thankyou jumpstart for sharing this blog

  5. Wonderful write up. What makes a school great is how open and creative children can be along with feeling safe. Learning should be as fun and as involving as it can be. Jumpstart fulfills all these parameters and is a great school where children truly find themselves and grow in all aspects.

  6. very informative blog stating the correct qualities of a pre school. Thankyou jumpstart for sharing this blog

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