Fantasy World

Fantasy World


Jumpstart, Bhosale Nagar


15th Feb 2020


3 pm to 7 pm

Age Group

2 to 8 Years

Entry Fee

₹ 500/-

Fun filled activities planned for your child

We- The Superheroes
Superhero Fashionista
Launch the shield
Design your shield

JS- Hogwarts
Colour Magic
Magic tricks
Magic wand

Peppa’s World
The muddy puddle
Tea party Peppa’s
Favourite meal

Olaf’s Winter Wonderland
Create your snow flake
The puzzled Olaf
Frost your cookies

Bird Island
Pet the chicks
Aim high
Feather the mask

Minions army
Finding minions
Feed the minion
Make your minion

Jungle Book
Walk in the jungle
Jungle acrobats
Flower your garland

The Lost World
Bathe your dino
Save the eggs
Stamp your Dino