Squishy Squishy Balloons


There are so many different sensory games for children. One of which is the ‘Squishy Balloon Play’!!!.  This sensory play for children is such an important piece in child development.
Sensory activities in addition to being fun and interesting for toddlers. These activities encourage children to explore and investigate their surroundings.

The other reasons sensory play is beneficial for children include is that, it helps to build nerve connections in the brain. It encourages the development of motor skills.

So lets see how can we indulge our children with the new super simple sensory activity😀

Lets watch this video to make our own squishy squishy balloons…

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired:

Children enjoy deciphering what is inside each one and the tactile sensory input they get. These tactile sensory balloons are a great way for sensory avoiders to experience textures without touching them directly.


a. Balloons
b. Cottons, Beads, Grains, Stones and Flour


a. Take coloured balloon
b. Keep different materials ready
c. Fill each balloon with different material  and your squishy balloon is ready 😊

How to play???

Let your child take the balloons one by one and feel the texture of it.

Now its time to play the next game: Are you ready????

Lets roll the Dice



18 thoughts on “Squishy Squishy Balloons”

  1. Children like playing with the balloons and with these materials the squishy balloon they will feel the texture also that’s really nice.

  2. Such a simple yet fun activity. Thank you for helping us evolve our children by sharing such amazing tips and tricks.

  3. Very interesting activity with a touch of suspence..kids will going to love it.thanks for sharing

  4. Simple but useful trick to add on in balloon play .Children will definitely like this game as a very nice way of introducing to different textures to them.

  5. Such an interesting activity. Children love playing with these squishy balloons. Easy to make as well.. Thank you jumpstart for this Nice blog.

  6. Children love balloons, so exploring textures along with balloons is going to be a real fun and they will enjoy it thoroughly.

  7. Amazing thought. An awesome way to introduce then various textures with a spice of suspense in it.

  8. Children love to do something different all the time. This sensory activity is so innovative and engaging. Thank you for sharing this amazing activity.

  9. This is one of the interesting sensory activity. Children enjoy this play . Thank you Jumpstart !!

  10. Such an easy to do and fun activity which is very crucial for development at the same time. Thank you for always sharing such amazing tips

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