Parent Toddler Program

Parent Toddler Program

There are many ways allowing parents to spend time with children for their development and to make the relationship among the parent and child stronger, one such program that lets the parent spend time with their children is “Parent Toddler Program”.

It is the best program for toddlers focusing on the age group of 6 months to 2 years. Mother-child relationship is possibly the best in the world and we feel privileged to strengthen it through our exclusive program. Parent toddler program is the best way to transit your child in to preschool. Designed by experts, our program helps develop the cognitive, physical, language and social skills of children as they grow. This program helps to improve motor skills, kinesthetic skills, linguistic skills and cognitive skills. Not only do children learn from the mother toddler program, but it is also a great way for parents to learn.
Jumpstart’s parent toddler is a specially designed to help toddlers prepare for the ‘pre-schooler’ phase. It’s usually a series of sessions spread over weeks to make sure children feel confident enough to transit to preschool without the comfort of having a known face around. The educator of the parent toddler program plays the role of guiding the parents while parents play an important role of guiding the child & in turn inspiring them to do the activities & gain confidence and independence.

Highlights of the program:
• Parents get time to understand the behaviour of the child
• Children learn innovative and creative skills
• Helps upscaling parenting styles
• Children become independent and gain confidence
• Making and meeting new friends thus aiding socio-emotional development
• Opportunity for the parents to bond with like-minded parents

Activities Planned


6 months to 2 Years

Program duration

2 months, thrice a week


1 hour

Why Jumpstart Parent Toddler Program?


Not limited to mother-toddler; even fathers or any other primary caregiver can be a part of the sessions.


Great platform for parents to spend quality time with their toddler.


Sensory play facilitating exploration and investigation.


Physical activities for motor development.


Stimulation of brain growth and cognitive development.


Positive social interactions leading to language development.


Bonding with like-minded parents.


Stepping stone for formal schooling.