Importance of Early Childhood Education

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Early childhood education creates a major impact on a child’s future.

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Importance of Childhood education:


a.  It helps in providing a strong base for lifelong learning abilities including cognitive and social development

b. Early childhood refers to the age group between 0-8 years of age

c. It includes the stages of infancy, preschool and the early primary years

d. The first 8 years of the child’s life are critical as the development and growth takes place rapidly

e. A positive environment is necessary to provide the child with varied experiences for their holistic development

f. Preschools work as a support system for all the working parents to protect and care their children

g. Early childhood education develops academics and important social skills

Jumpstart_Early childhood education

Benefits of early childhood education:


Fruitful Future:

Every new experience, every new word they learn, every behavior they adopt, is an investment to a more fruitful future


Children start socializing with their peer group and friends , that gives them confidence to overcome shyness and anxiety

Concept of Co-operation:

They learn to co-operate, to take turns. Also, wait for their chance & share things.

Encouraging holistic development:

The approach is taken to build a strong foundation for a child’s emotional, social as well as physical & mental development. This in addition, prepares them for life.

Enthusiasm for lifelong learning:

With a good experience in their first school, they are enthusiastic about lifelong learning. In conclusion, it conveys the value of education through experience

Teaches the value of respect towards others


a. Demonstrating and instilling the importance of teamwork that can teach respect for the opinions of others, also co-operation and equality.

b. The basic educational benefits of preschool are tangible, the advantages children achieve towards becoming well-rounded individuals are truly invaluable.


Preschool helps in shaping the child’s future !!! 


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Sapna Bhogale

4 thoughts on “Importance of Early Childhood Education”

  1. Till date, many people still think pre school is not as important and school is actually from 1st grade. But these precious years is what forms the strong foundation which decides how all school years will be

  2. Well written blog. Nowadays it’s very important for children to be enrolled in a preschool as it precondition them before they enter the primary school. The more the child learn in his or her early childhood will last long forever and thus it make a strong base for the future.

  3. Very well written blog. Early childhood education plays a vital role as they help in developing social and emotional skills and teaches children how to get along with other children, to share and to contribute. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing

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