If boring gets the play, just change the way!

Aren’t we adults sometimes bored of doing the same chores? Of course, we are. This happens to our ‘miniature humans’ too. Just like we need a change our children need it as well.


With time, the accessibility to toys has increased in bounds. With humungous varieties and categories, it is difficult to choose the right toy for a child. With all good efforts and spending a fortune we buy a toy and then arises a new problem! The child gets bored of playing with the toy!
Parents commonly face an issue like “my child is bored of playing with the same toy”

Some common mistakes that we as parents make:

– Dispose or donate the toy as the child has lost interest.
– Buy a new toy.
– Keep it away for a few days to let the child forget about it and then let the child play again to create an interest in the toy

Have we ever given a thought on how to make the child play with the same toy by changing the themes?

Playing the same toy in different ways

We can pick an example of a set of toy cars commonly found with every child.
Play the traffic rule game! Cut some strips to make the roads out of black papers, make signals and signboards and you are all set.
The Car wash game can be fun loaded water play. Arrange for a tub, some detergent, a piece of sponge, and water. Let the child wash the cars and have fun with water.
Having a pretend car race can be fun. Give the cars some rocking names like Wild Wolly, Dare Douglas, etc., and have s pretend to race.
Create a garage out of some blocks or boxes. Let your child emerge into a mechanic all set to repair the cars.
A police and robber game can be interesting pretend to play wherein one toy car can be a police car and the rest can be the robbers. The police – robber chase can be a fun pass time for the child.
We can add some art element to tickle the child’s creativity. Pick any middle sized box. Let the child paint it. The box can be divided into compartments with some cardboard to make a nice multistorey parking slots for the cars.
Spin a story! Give names and a character to each car and create a story with your child.
A memory game can work magic in bringing life into old toy cars. Let the child have a look at the cars for a minute. Pick a car and hide it. Jumble the rest and ask the child to describe which car was gone.
These are some of the ways to bring life into old toy cars. Similar tricks could work with different toys too. It is just a matter of looking at a piece of toy with a creative mind and make it interesting for the child.