Are you a victim or victor?


The way you perceive your experiences it defines if you are a victim or a victor . You can either feel empowered with all the challenging situations that you encounter and emerge as a victor who survived all of it or you can wallow in self-pity !Self-pity is the worst enemy of a victor.

It is the most miserable thing and a dead end to your bright future. It is unfortunately that place where you are the only one who is there.


The nature of Self pity :


Self-pity is the most natural and normal thing to happen but it give us momentary pleasure and take us away from reality.

It arises when we expect recognition from the world outside for whatever we are doing.

The easiest way to get attention and put you in a comfortable place. It blinds you of your own flaws and hence never helps you improve.

By focusing on the problem; the problem still persists but the focus goes away from the solution.

Emotional rumination about how things are not going the right way can alleviate the pain momentary but doesn’t help you come out of the situation.

When children learn Self-pity:

Children by nature like attention of their caregivers and everyone around them. So self-pity and getting sympathy comes as a very natural easy tool to rescue from a situation or problem.

So children cry when their toy breaks, when things don’t happen the way they are supposed to happen or when they know they are at fault .They think self-pity will distract them from the problem.

In addition they also see the adults around them indulging in self-pity which they consider as an acceptable reaction to a problem.

When a challenging situation arises it is important to break the same pattern of thoughts and emerge as a person with a new growth mindset.

Not blaming others but considering your life as your responsibility will help you conquer all challenges .

Finding solutions and taking decisions at the right time will help you emerge as victor!

Hail all victors!!!


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Written by:
Sneha Tapadiya

7 thoughts on “Are you a victim or victor?”

  1. Very very well written . This is something we really need to be careful about as teachers as we face this alot in school. We need to know where to genuinely address the issue and where it is an attempt for attention.

  2. Excellent blog , it is more important as in for teachers to be careful to know about children as are they only wanting to grab the attention of the teacher or it’s a genuine thing.

  3. Wonderful blog. Feeling sorry for oneself is natural when bad things happen. But it is our job as adults to help children with character building and help them overcome the feeling of self pity.

  4. Great blog. Need to change such thinking patterns at early age so they emerge as victors ans not victims. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As parents we must discipline our child’s behavior, not the emotion. Let him know that emotions are OK but that it’s important to handle those emotions in a socially appropriate manner.

    Thank you Jumpstart for this wonderful blog.

  6. Very nice and inspirational blog
    Totally agree that instead of blaming others we have to find the solution, take decision at right time which will help us to conquer all the challenges.
    Thanks jumpstart for sharing such a wonderful blog

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