"Learn From Home" with Jumpstart

The goal of education is to ensure children are future-ready to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Jumpstart ensures that the child’s learning stays relevant in today’s times and helps him/her to apply knowledge through the “Learn From Home” program.

Keeping up-to-speed with the need of the hour of staying safe at home, our virtual classrooms for preschoolers are a good start with engaging, age-appropriate, and meaningful online content and activities.

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A day at Jumpstart “Learn from Home”

Circle and rhyme time
Music builds a strong connection with children.

Rhymes form an integral part of the learning process.

Children are introduced to various concepts and vocabulary.

Discussion about the weather, day, happenings around the globe help children develop communication skills.

Academic learning
They learn their ABCs, shapes, colours and numbers.

Reading, writing and arithmetic readiness allows them to read and write effectively in the future.

Thematic learning
There is integrated learning through various subjects with one main theme for every month.

The projects taken are very relevant to the current times along with being age appropriate.

Various follow up games and activities help children reflect on the wealth of knowledge acquired and opportunities are given to reflect on their experiences and apply the knowledge.
Experiential events
A child learns more by doing and with hands on experiences.

There are variety of experiences curated every week for the child to accumulate learning though various themes and topics.

It is an event full of fun, play, activities and games; after effect of which is learning.