Wow Moments

Wow Moments

Parent: Pranjali Agashe
Child: Rihan Agashe

Rihan likes to scribble, doodle, paint and colour a lot. He also enjoys arranging blocks in sequence from the time he turned 1. Earlier he used to put all the blocks in single or multiple sequences and could not make 3D shapes. But recently, when I gifted him the 3D blocks and shapes, he has started creating houses, ship, school, bed, chair like furniture shapes in 3D. Now he enjoys creating 3D forms. These are my wow moments when I realized how Jumpstart gives him hands-on experience even in the simplest thing like making shapes.

Parent: Neha Godbole
Child: Jay Godbole

Jay has always been a naughty one. But teachers told him once that he too has to take care of his younger classmates. Ever since then, he has become very caring and sensitive. Two qualities that I feel are a must for all boys. Thank you for teaching him compassion and gratitude.

Parent: Alapini Kasture
Child: Samihan Kasture

Dear teachers, the kind of confidence level Samihan has gained in himself is notable. He climbed the Parvati hill all by himself and even climbed down. Not a single time he asked us to pick him up. I don’t believe he is the same Samihan who was not able to climb a single step 2 months back. I thank teachers for their constant support and love and inculcating the importance of physical fitness in Samihan.

Parent: Shilpa Patil
Child: Asmi Patil

Recently Asmi and I had visited a saree shop. While I was busy checking out the collection, Asmi sat near the sales counter and not only she chose a saree for me but also negotiated with the salesperson on the price and gave a final punchline “kuch toh discount kar ke dijiye”. It was truly the WOW moment for me to see how quickly our little ones observe and apply it in their daily lives. Thank you Jumpstart for giving Asmi an exposure through various visits and learning tours about how to deal with daily chores.

Parent: Neha Inamdar
Child: Arit Inamdar

Arit has started caring about others. One day, he noticed that I was hurt on my foot. He immediately bought moisturizer cream and applied on the wound and asked if that felt better. I appreciate the care and warmth that the teachers at Jumpstart give Arit and for teaching him human values.

Parent: Aanal Bhatewara
Child: Alveeira Bhatewara

I had taken Alveeira to a shop. Suddenly she started singing the morning prayer and national anthem in the shop. Everybody stood up as she was singing and she was so excited to see everyone standing for the anthem that she repeated 3-4 times. I felt wow to see her recite our anthem which she is taught at Jumpstart and everybody respecting the song even when sung by a small child.

Parent: Priyanka Lodha
Child: Jiyaan Lodha

The wow moment is when Jiyaan corrected the lyrics of the song Wheels of the bus. He said the teacher says “Mumma on the bus goes chitter chatter chatter” and I was insisting that it is “Papa on the bus goes chitter chatter chatter”. Jumpstart facilitates the correct information and their method of teaching is age appropriate.

Parent: Kunal Singh
Child: Kiara Singh

Kiara always loved singing rhymes and songs in regional languages as well. She has also started playing in the sandpit which is a pleasant surprise because she is used to never getting dirty. Thank you Jumpstart teachers and caregivers for all the fruitful efforts and giving Kiara opportunities for sensory experiences.

Parent: Renuka Kulkarni
Child: Advay Kulkarni

During the Jumpstart Mom and me sports event, when Advay was interacting with all the teachers very well and was interested to play all the activities very fast, it was a wow moment for me. Also, when he recognized all animals, colors, numbers at home it’s really amazing to hear and see the progress. Both of us are like WOW!!

Parent: Sneha Mehta
Child: Samar Mehta

We had a WOW moment when I made a BURGER at home and Samar just didn’t want to have the same as he had learnt burger is a junk food at Jumpstart. He started crying that he is allowed to eat only healthy food. Adding on to this, he did not even let his father pick up a burger on one of our out-station trips. We had a great feeling and we all enjoyed the moment.

Parent: Nitin Madavi
Child: Vihaan Madavi

We were about to sit for lunch and Vihaan started telling his dad “Papa hand wash karun ye” (Papa, please wash your hands). We were so surprised and proud at the same time to hear this from him. A big thank you to Jumpstart and learning center educators for inculcating good habits in him from an early age.

Parent: Ruchi Duggal
Child: Darsh Duggal

Darsh has started using his golden words of gratitude very often. To every help he says “Thank you” and to every thank you he replies “Welcome”. It is so wonderful to hear it from little Darsh. He clearly remembered that Raksha Bandhan and a day before expressed in a sweet voice “Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan and Didi will tie a rakhi on my wrist”. These are few of the many WOW moments that we have had with Darsh.

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