Our passionate educator, Ms Radhika Mundada speaks about how important it is being an effective parent partner with your child’s school. Educators across the nation have long professed the importance of family involvement in children’s education. Many research have shown positive effects of schools and parents continuously working hand-in-hand to support and encourage the children’s learning and development.



Why do you enrol your child into the school?

Whatever the answers are….. I am sure, it boils down to one fact:  you want your child to upgrade!
Is it that easy to enrol your child in a good school? May not be! It involves finances, time management, managing your own schedules etc…..

But yes, you manage all this and ensure that your child goes to the best school and upgrades! After all, healthy schooling is sure to prepare your child for a brighter future!


Parental involvement produces measurable gains in a child’s holistic development. As we all know, the parent is a child’s first teacher.

When a school system values and respects the relationship between a parent and a child and welcomes parents as equal partners in their child’s education, parents and teachers have an opportunity to influence a child to live a positive and fulfilling life.



How about upgrading ourselves?

Agreed we “have to” and we “tend to” go ahead with multiple certifications at our companies and organisations to upgrade and prepare ourselves for the higher roles, jobs and responsibilities, but here I would want to ask about upgradation associated with the new phase of life called “parenting”.

Parents are vital partners in education. They influence their children’s attitudes about learning, and support learning at home. They are a vital link between home and school. And when they become involved in the life of the school, they make our schools better places to learn, grow and thrive. s

Research suggests, student achievement and success increase when parents are welcomed and respected as partners, and given the support, they need to contribute at home and at school

So let us all take this into account and upgrade ourselves with effective and positive parent-school partnerships!