Our CEO, Ms. Sneha Tapadia talks about how imagination-driven/pretend play builds your young child’s developmental skills.

She says, I am a teacher and  I am proud to be one. The wish or the aspiration to become a teacher was incepted in my childhood. It was during one of the make and believe play of “teacher teacher” which I used to engage in as a child. I used to like pretending to be a teacher and make all my friends as students .

The basic skill of negotiation was learnt then as it was only after negotiation that I got to choose the role I liked. Pretend play was not only a source of play for me but it also helped me to develop my imagination, my language skills, my social skills and my creative thinking skills.

Hours and days of enacting to be an educator as a child helped me to master the art of teaching and helped me make the teaching process centric towards the learner.
Role plays have a very crucial role in early years. It helps a child to associate himself/ herself to the real world and helps develop connections with the outside world .

The child develops the cognition to understand different situations and also come up with creative solutions to the problems.

Also while engaging in cooperative play with other children , the child learns to wait for his/ her turn and also learns to share. Pretend play is a very natural way of learning and it should be part of everyday learning.

Little did I know, that those make believe plays of teacher as a child would be an actual part of my life as an adult!

I am few of the blessed ones who continues to extend my childhood pretend play as part of my adult life too!

I am blessed to be a teacher! I am grateful to all my children and team members who help me continue my role play of teacher and learner!

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand!

                                                                                            – Confucius