Team Jumpstart

Catalysts of Jumpstart

As a family, we have always supported education. By working with such young children we are working at the grass root level of the society. The thought that the actual paradigm shift in the society can be brought by giving the right education to the children, made us start with this venture. It is a work of great responsibility to empower the children with the right tools and thereby shape the future of tomorrow.

Mrs. Sneha Tapadia


Preschool education and Learning Centers in India are highly unorganized with a gap between knowledge and the way it is imparted. Mrs. Sneha Tapadia learnt to fill this gap through adapting the right facilitators, teaching methodologies, proper infrastructure and modern technology to prepare a conducive learning environment for children. Mrs. Sneha Tapadia truly believes that quality education is the key to a better future. She says, “It is absolutely essential to focus on healthy parent partnership, customizing education to preserve the uniqueness of every child, uplifting the skills of educators at large and making every day interesting and exciting for the child.”

Mrs. Santosh Tapadia


Being a mother herself, Mrs. Santosh Tapadia could understand the need to have a conducive learning environment for children. This is important as children learn out of their own experiences. That made her start Jumpstart.

She believes in partnering with parents to create desirable experiences as only then the school and parents together can bring the holistic development in children with the help of a proper infrastructure.

She says, “With the advent of time, it is really important to use the latest technology too and be abreast with it.”

Mr. Aditya Tapadia


As a child who was always labeled in school, Aditya realized the need to start a school which can preserve the uniqueness of every child and make sure every child is treated with respect, love, care and affection. Jumpstart has been born out of his passion and vision to create a better future for our children where every child is respected and admired for their uniqueness.

He is also the territory head for Early Childhood Association of India which is a national association.

Stalwarts of Jumpstart

The team at Jumpstart believes in preserving every child’s uniqueness. Integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, transparency and moral courage are the values that motivate them. Passion to mould the future of our society drives them to give their best.

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