Teaching Methodologies

Teaching pedagogy

We at Best Montessori school Pune focus on the holistic development of children. As the maximum brain development happens in the first 8 years of a child’s life, focusing on all areas of development is absolutely critical.

Physical development
Language development
Cognitive development
Emotional development
Social development
Moral development
Creative development
Spiritual development

Experiential Learning (John Dewey)

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is more specifically defined as learning through reflection on doing. Hands-on learning allows children to experience and learn concepts and things through observation and interaction during the experience. Jumpstart Montessori school Pune ensures that the child learns experientially when in preschool. It has more than 50 experiential events conducted throughout the year to give varied hand on experiences to the children. Children learn by doing and being part of these elaborate events which cumulate learning across various topics and sections

Teaching methodology

We here at Jumpstart Montessori school, follow 5 different methodologies to teach children. The best parts of these 5 different methods are used to ensure holistic development in children.


Through this method we allow natural development of the children in a well prepared environment with emphasis on independence, freedom within limits and respect for the children in Best Montessori school Pune

Maria Montessori

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Through this method we allow the children to explore and experience their environment through the five senses and emphasis is on experiential learning at our montessori school, rather than rote and memorization

William H. Kilpatrick

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Play way

This method is based on the “power of play” and the children’s natural curiosity and tendency to “make-believe”. Through this method children learn more efficiently and gain more knowledge with our play-based activities such as free play, dramatic play, art and social games at Jumpstart Montessori school Pune

Friedrich Froebel

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Glenn Doman

We at Jumpstart Montessori school in Pune have adopted this method to systematically build language and mathematics skills in children. The learning happens through specific size flashcards

Glenn Doman

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Multiple Intelligence

According to this approach every human being has multiple intelligence which can be nurtured & strengthened or ignored.

Howard Gardner

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