Our high spirited educator, Ms. Riddhi Lodha talks about how stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. She says, the more they hear, the more their language improves. The beauty of stories is that they can be super realistic or incredibly fictional.
A story is a description of an event, incident, and imaginary or real
characters, in order to engage the crowd.

Children love listening to stories and so did we when we were children! I was raised with fairy tales and fictional characters which have little relevance to reality. Cinderella and Goldilocks were my favorite stories since childhood. In a way, this genre of story contributed immensely to my imagination and creativity which today as an educator is my strength and an advantage for children’s effective learning.

They should be told stories through different mediums using props like puppets, books, videos or only narration. It also helps them become a good listener, builds their vocabulary, and increases their curiosity. With all this, they also learn about culture and ethics.

Dramatization also helps foster their imaginative and social skills. Stories help children to imagine and must begin from simple to complex ones and from shorter to longer ones.

Story telling is a very effective tool for teachers and parents to mold the children.
Children are more attentive while listening to stories and also develop respect for the
characters learning morals along the way. They also help children to understand and accept their own feelings. When they read stories that contain emotions, it helps them to know that there are others who feel the same and it is normal to get that feeling and express them. While children are just listening to the story, it helps them to imagine the scenario, the character, the situation which eventually improves their imagination.

I use a very simple technique to improve my student’s imagination by asking them about their weekend plan prior to or post the weekend. There is no way to assess if what the children are saying is true or if they are cooking up stories but there is a thinking happening, a thought given about how to spend a weekend.Just as storytelling is important so is your effective narration!

Ira Glas says, “Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”
Let your child sail through the ocean of stories to make one of their own…