Learning Through Nature

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The moment I hear the word nature; mighty and powerful are the words that come to my mind. Nature is so vast and diverse that everything seems beyond your control. It makes you realize that something deep and big lies beyond your control and understanding and you just bow down to the extremely powerful entity!

Getting children to nature is the best way of teaching them life skills of respect, humility and power of spontaneity.

Respect comes out of the way all the elements coexist together accepting each other’s uniqueness and diversity.

Humility comes out of the way that how much ever you achieve or grow there is still more than you can achieve and that there is still unlimited potential in you that can be explored. Nature keeps you grounded in the front of other powerful and mighty sources that exist and inspires you to grow and mature with time.

Power of spontaneity can help you discover the most beautiful things and experiences which remain with you for a lifetime.

Nature also teaches you a sense of belonging to self and community.

Learning can be made fun for children by getting them close to nature. It is absolutely not essential for the child to be in closed confines of a classroom to learn new things.

Different academic concepts of size, dimension, counting, shapes, colour, science can be taught or rather learnt by children experiencing different things in nature.

When children are given the freedom to explore; they end up learning more than what you can teach them.

A simple treasure hunt of finding seeds in a garden can teach children many things. They not only enjoy the physical activity of running around and develop their gross motor skills but also develop on their cognitive skills.

They understand where to find seeds, the size and colour, they can feel the texture, know the names of plants, how does the plant grow.

They can learn various math skills through it like counting seeds, making various shapes out of it etc.

While learning to do this they also develop their social and emotional skills of sharing and interacting with new friends.

What more would we as educators and you as primary caregivers want? Our children learning and enjoying together in the close proximity of nature.

So do not forget to invest your precious time with your child in the garden or under the shield of nature next time.


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